Comparaison between Amyl, Butyl , Propyl and Pentyl nitrites

  • Propyl – worst side effects, ongoing cough, blockages, drained after use, poppers hangover until next day, heavy use causes bright spot in vision that can last for months after you stop. The most « Brutal » of all the formulas, with a harsh peak.
  • Butyl – middle of the road for side effects. Can have a harsh aroma when using it but the effects are more pleasant than Propyl and can feel more « out of body ». Heavy use can leave you with an ongoing regular cough, and heavy sessions can take until the next day to fully recover. Heavy use can also reach a point where the racing heartbeat can feel like you are overdosing and could pass out. Can produce the bright spot in vision however this tends to fade within hours / few days.
  • Amyl – most pleasant of the aromas, smoother to use with a more gradual build up. Still with a pronounced peak that can occasionally feel ‘out of body’ but never gets as « full-on » as Butyl. Less heart racing and little to no side effects. Within an hour of a heavy session you can feel totally normal. Minimal if any effect on vision, no cough.
  • Butyl-Amyl mix – all the benefits of Amyl in terms of smoothness and lack of side effects with a higher, slightly out of body, peak caused by the Butyl. The increase in intensity / punch can leave you feeling a little drained with a poppers hangover until the next day.

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